Shri Ramroti Annakshetra Ashram have 900 cows in Gaushala which equipped with musical system, garden which is like a resort by itself containing all modern and latest technology for the best luxury of the animals.

Our Beliefs

The wealth-money which is spent for our own family and ourselves can be said "USED".

That wealth-money which is not spent for good cause out treasured in ones strong room called money "WASTED".

That wealth-money spent for the welfare of animals, poor people and for religious work is said to be money "SOWED".

Daily Activities

Milk Distribution

Ashram's cows provide approx. 1,000 litres of milk out of which 700 litres of milk is distributed free of cost on basis of 250 grms each patient of T.B. hospital, each student of Vikas Vidyalaya and Remand House and Shri Pragnachakshu Mahila Seva Kunj of Surendranagar.

200 litres of milk is converted into butter milk which is also distributed free of cost to poor and needy people.


Rotlas (Thick Chapattis)

Moreover, 5,000 bajra rotlas (chapattis) are made everyday out of 400 kg of Bajara. They are distributed at their respective places to poor and handicapped and lonely people everyday.

The rotlas are made by devotee women who come early morning at 4.00 a.m till 9.00 a.m to serve the people.


Food Grains

120 Kgs of bajri is being given to birds, pigeons under our supervision and 200 rotlas (chapattis) are powdered and mixed with jaggery. These are being given to dogs for eating.

ANT - Hole Complex

Rough rice atta (flour) mixed with sugar and pure ghee of cow are put in Ant-Hole Complexes, so that ant gets its food in its own complex/premises.

Water Services

Small places - parabs (Piyaus/pots) of water are made available on the side of roads to passengers walking on the road. During summer, we put 5,000 pots of water for animals and birds to quench their thirst.


Temporary Residence facilities have been made for Jain Sadhu/Sadhvis, Saints. Moreover Sadhu Vaiyavach arrangements have also been made. Daily approximately 500 Sadhus come to our ashram and take prasad, blankets and sheets.

First Step of religion along with Taps-Japs (penance and recitation of mantras) is service to poor and mitigation - solution of others unhappiness (DUKH). High level entrance in religion is MERCY FOR OTHERS.


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