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# Event Name Conducted By At Place Year
1 Gau Seva Bhagvat Katha Shri Lakhabhai Gadhvi Kothariya 2002
2 Raj Surya Yagna Yogeshchandraji Tripathi Kothariya 2003
3 Gau Seva Ram Kataha Shri Morari Bapu Kothariya 2003
4 Droughts Relief Shri Vaja Bhagat Kothariya 2000-2010
5 Relience Industry Help Shri Dhirubhai Ambani Kothariya 2003
6 Ram Mandir & Clinic for Animals Shri Vaja Bhagat Kothariya 2002
7 VishvaShanti Luxchandi Yagna Shri Rakesh Trivedi Kothariya 2008
8 Shrimad Bagvat Katha Shri Rameshbhai Oza Kothariya 2011
9 Shivpuran Gyan Yagna Shri Pujya Giri Bapu Kothariya 2013
10 Shrimad Bhagvat Katha Shri Pujaya Premdas Bapu Kothariya 2014
11 Sarvagnati Samuh Lagna-1 Shri Babubhai Desai Kothariya 2011
12 Sarvagnati Samuh Lagna-2 Shri Vaja Bhagat Kothariya 2013
13 Sarvagnati Samuh Lagna-3 Shri Arjanbhai valabhai Sindhav Kothariya 2014


# Award
1 Shandipani Ashram Award (Devershi Award)
2 Divine Knowledge Society Award
3 Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust Award
4 Gau Rakshak award
5 Felicitated by Narendra Modi
6 Felicitated by Hon' Ex-Finance Minister Jasvant Singh
7 Felicitated by Ex- Governor Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala
Shri Ram Washeshran Devi Bhatia Memorial Charitable Trust


Gau Seva Bhagvat Katha by Shri Lakhabhai Gadhvi

Successfully done Gau Seva Bhagvat Katha

Raj Surya Yagna

First time after 5000 years after Yudhishthir during the Rama Parayna for World Peace, Vaja Bhagat organized the Raj Surya Yagna.

Gau Seva Ram Katha by Shri Morari Bapu

Gau Seva Ram Katha was presented by Shri Morari Bapu for the upliftment of the institute in the village Kotharia in the year 2002. He has attracted about 15 lac devotees in a small village in Kotharia and everybody had taken Prasad and we had collected almost Rupees 70 lacs in Katha from the devotees.

Hon'ble minister IK Jadeja, Revenue minister Kaushik Patel, Hon'ble minister Bhupendra Chudasama, Shri Navin Maniar (Trustee) and other devotees were present.


Droughts Relief

There has been constant droughts for last three years (2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003) in Zalawad, Gujarat, Kutch, Rajasthan. Thousands of animals including cows had come to our Ashram/ Gaushala with their cow-boys in near dead condition. We provided them grass, water and medical facilities. We planned all these activities so nicely that these animals/ cows on their return journey reached their places in very healthy condition.

# Year Activities No. of Cows Amount Spent (in Crore) Result
1 2000-2001 Grass was sent to 187 panjrapoles (Gaushalals) from Dwarka to Rajasthan areas. 17,500 Rs. 7.17 Nearly 1,20,000 animals got life after providing grass in Gaushala.
2 2001-2002 Maintained cattles. 7,500 Rs. 5 Nearly 20,000 Cattles and cows got life after providing grass all over.
3 2002-2003 3rd Year of drought. Cows came from different places like Rajasthan, Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Kutch, Patan, Surendranagar etc. 30,647 Rs. 9.83 Maintained cows for 10 months by providing 3,784 MT of grass, water and medicines. Cowboys who came along with cows were looked After well for their needs. (Nearly 2,000 cow boys)
4 2003-2004 Cows came from Surendranagar, Vakaner, Rajasthan due to drought condition. 4,000 Rs. 1 Maintained about 4,000 cows
4 2004-2005 Cows came from Rajasthan, Surendranagar, Vakaner, Chotila due to drought condition. 6,000 Rs. 1.5 Maintained about 6,000 cows
5 2009-20010 Cows came from Sirohi Ranuja, Bhinmal, Rajasthan due to drought condition. 20,000 Rs. 4 Maintained about 20,000 cows

Reliance Industry Help

Late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani offered 1,000 tones grass in year of 2000 and 1,000 tones in year of 2001.

Mr. Parimal Nathvani the Executive of Reliance Industry Ltd. came and distributed the grass in the year 2000 and in 2001 Mr. Bhatt came for distribution of the grass.


VishvaShanti Luxchandi Yagna

For world peace Shri LuxChandi Pathkotihome Mahayagna was organized successfully. 400 vidhvan was arrived in event. This was 28 days event.

Shrimad Bhagvat Katha

Shrimad Bhagvat Gyan Yagna Event was successfully organized and around 2 Lacs people take advantage of that.


Shivpuran Gyan Yagna

Shivpuran Gyan Yagna was succussfully organized and around 2.5 Lacs people taken advantag


Shrimad Bhagvat Katha

Akhil Bharatiya Samast Maldhari society's supremo from Dudhrej Dham's Param Pujya Shree Prem Das Bapu conducted Shrimad Bhagvat Katha successfully.


Sarvagnati Samuh Lagna-1

Total 225 daughters were started their new marriadge life. Babubhai Desai done the KanyaDan vidhi of all daughters.


Sarvagnati Samuh Lagna-2

Total 255 daughters were started their new marriadge life. Shree Vaja Bhagat done the KanyaDan vidhi of all daughters.


Sarvagnati Samuh Lagna-3

Total 211 daughters were started their new marriadge life. Shri Arjanbhai valabhai Sindhav done the KanyaDan vidhi of all daughters.



Shandipani Ashram Award (Devershi Award)

Shri Ramesh Oza of Sandipani Ashram gave Devashri Award to Shri Vaja Bhagat for his sincere and selfless services to cows and human beings. The award was presented at Porbandar in the year 2004. 30,647 cows were saved in the year 2002-2003 in drought.


Divine Knowledge Society Award Function

Divine Knowledge Society is formed and headed by Rev. Shri Chitrabhanuji. One of their motto is to praise, promote and support NGO which are dedicated to well being of animal kingdom.

The Divine Knowledge Society selected Rev. Vaja Bhagat and his organization Shri Ramroti Anna Kshetra Ashram who is devoted to well being of animals. Hence, Rev. Vaja Bhagat was also awarded Rs. 1 lac and honoured.

Shri Dilip Lakhi of 'Lakhi Gems' honoured by Shri Harshadbhai Kalol.


Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust Award

Vaja Bhagat is a great humanitarian who has devoted the best years of his life in saving lacs of cattle for imminent death due to starvation in time of drought in various parts of Saurashtra, Kutcch, Junagadh and Rajasthan. His concern for poor and sick people is no less. At present in his late seventies Rev. Vaja Bhagat has been rendering these human services for the last 55 years. He was awarded Samman Patra and Rs 3 lac.

Gau Rakshak Award

The government of Gujarat also felicitated Rev. Vaja Bhagat with Gau Rakshak award for 2000-2001 for humanitarian work and gau seva, running the cattle camp and saving 1 lac 20 thousand cows from hunger in drought.

Prashsti Patra (Saman Award) Given by the state of Gujarat at Bhavnagar for year 2000-2001 for humanitarian services giving free food to the poor, disabled and destitute people.

Felicitated by Narendra Modi

Hon'ble Chief Minister Narendra Modi and all his cabinet Minister & Ex- Chief Justice Hon'ble Shri Gumanmalji Lodha -Chairman of Animal Welfare Board of India felicitated Shri Navin A. Maniar trustee and managing member of Shri Ramroti Anna Kshetra Ashram for saving 36,640 animals in drought condition for the year 2002-2003 for ten months.


Felicitated by Hon' Ex-Finance Minister Jasvant Singh

Mr. Navin A. Maniar was felicitated by Hon'ble Minister Jasvant Singh by awarding Rs. 81.53 lacs on behalf of the Central Government from the Prime Minister's Funds against Rs. 5.14 crore.

Felicitated by Ex- Governor Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala Shri Ram Washeshran Devi Bhatia Memorial Charitable Trust

Gave Rs. 50,000 and an award which, was given by the Governor of Chattisgarh Hon'ble Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala for humanitarian work which was received by Shri Navin A. Maniar on behalf of Param Pujya Shri Vaja Bhagat. The award was given at Dehradhun.